Why Medical Oxygen generator makes sense for hospitals?

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We get asked a lot of questions regarding why it makes sense for a hospital to invest in a medical oxygen generator. We compile some of the important?queries and try to answer them here in a concise format

Is the oxygen produced in onsite oxygen generator?pure and same as the cylinder oxygen?

MOGOxygen produced by our machine uses the PSA (pressure swing adsorption) process. This process has been used for producing medical grade oxygen since 1970s and is a very mature and well-established technology. Zeolites molecular sieves are used in this process for separating constituents of air such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide etc. Argon and Oxygen cannot be easily separated and hence the Oxygen from this plant will contain argon also. However, argon is?inert and has no affect on human body when dispensed with oxygen. It is like breathing nitrogen (78% of the atmosphere is nitrogen). Nitrogen?is also inert like argon. In fact, the oxygen humans breathe is only 20-21% in atmosphere with largely the balance being nitrogen.

Oxygen that comes in cylinders is of 99% purity and it is produced in bulk quantities using cryogenic separation process. However, as explained earlier, cylinder oxygen and oxygen from our machines can be used interchangeably without any worries.

Are there any commercial benefits to installing the?oxygen generator at?a?hospital?

In most cases the simple answer would be ?yes?. Barring large cities with abundant cylinder?suppliers, the cylinder costs are quite exorbitant and are a drain on any hospital or medical facilities? finances on a recurring monthly basis. ?Furthermore, operators don?t usually wait for cylinders to get empty before changing them before night shift to avoid having cylinders go empty in the middle of the night. This means that unused oxygen is returned back to the merchant even though it has been paid for.

Our sales team helps medical facilities do a ?Return on Investment? (ROI) calculation and we find that in over 80% of the cases, the hospital or nursing home will recover their investment in less than 2-years. With our oxygen generators having a life of 10+ years, this is a remarkable and a worthwhile investment for any medical facility to make.

Let?s say the delivered price of an oxygen cylinder is around Rs. 200. Why we say delivered? Because the final tax paid delivered price will also have the cost of freight included and this is important because freight isn?t inexpensive and has to be considered. So, if the hospital is consuming, let?s say 10 cylinders daily, they are spending – Rs. 200 x 10 cylinders x 365 days per year = Rs. 7.30 Lacs per annum. For this hospital, they will easily recover the cost of an equivalent oxygen generator in less than 2-years for sure.

Besides commercial benefits, how else does a medical facility benefit from installing an onsite oxygen plant?

There are several benefits and we present them below:


Oxygen generator produces gas at a very low pressure and also keeps only a small amount of backup in certified storage tanks. Hence, the risk of oxygen combustion is minimised.

On the contrary, oxygen cylinders have a large amount of oxygen in once cylinder, compressed to a very high pressure. Constant handling of cylinders introduces human risk and risk of repeated stress failures thereby leading to very risky situations.

On installing an onsite oxygen generator, handling of cylinders is drastically reduced and the medical facility improves it?s?safety as a result.


Oxygen generators take up very little space. In?many cases, the room for cylinders storage and manifold is sufficient for installation of the oxygen plant?also.

If a larger hospital is a liquid oxygen tank, large amount of clear space is wasted because of statutory norms. This space can be reclaimed by switching to an onsite oxygen plant.

Administrative burden reduction

Cylinders require constant reordering. Once the cylinders are received, then they need to be weighed and quantities verified. All of this administrative burden is eliminated with our onsite oxygen generator.

Peace of mind

A hospital administrator?s and the biomedical engineer?s biggest worry is running out of oxygen cylinders during critical times. With an onsite oxygen generator, gas is automatically produced 24×7 and with a carefully designed backup system, the hospital no longer has to worry about going empty.

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