Proton ® PEM

Proton ® PEMtype Hydrogen generators are the most preferred systems for simple, reliable and clean production of Hydrogen by yourself. Customer only needs to provide power supply and our systems deliver high purity, high pressure Hydrogen.

MVS Engineering



Flow Range

In partnership with Proton OnSite (USA), we offer the following models:

  • S-Series – Up to 1 nm3/hr
  • H-Series – 2 to 6 nm3/hr
  • C-Series – 10 to 30 nm3/hr
  • M-Series – 50 to 400 nm3/hr

We also offer custom designed bi-polar water electrolysis units manufactured by MVS. We offer flow range from 5 to 500 nm3/hr in a single train.


Hydrogen Purity

Our systems offer purities ranging from 99.9% Hydrogen to 99.9998% Hydrogen, with balance impurities being water vapour, trace nitrogen and trace oxygen. Customers can optionally purchase online gas purity measurement instruments.


Ultra High Purity

For customers requiring UHP or Ultra-High Purity grade Hydrogen, Proton Hydrogen generators sold by MVS are the ideal product. Proton hydrogen gas delivered is guaranteed to be 99.9995% pure with the balance mostly being water vapor.


Dew Point

Our Hydrogen generators deliver very dry gas, with dew point as low as (-) 65°C. We also offer measuring instruments for online detection of gas dryness.



Hydrogen gas is delivered from our systems, typically at 15 kg/cm2g without the need of a booster compressor. This pressure satisfies the requirement of the majority of our customers. We can also offer and integrate a booster if the customer requires Hydrogen gas at a higher pressure.

MVS Hydrogen Generators

MVS Engineering


Hydrogen is generated from pure water (H2O) by applying DC current.

 2H2O = 2H2 + O2

Demineralized (or Deionized) water is used as feed. The water passes through the Electrolyzer cell stack where DC current is applied causing water to split into Oxygen and Hydrogen. Oxygen is safely vented, whereas the Hydrogen is delivered as the product gas. Hydrogen is taken to a dryer where the excess moisture is removed. Hydrogen gas is delivered to the customer process at high pressure directly from our system.

For customers requiring cylinder filling option, we supply triple-diaphragm hydrogen booster and cylinder filling stations.


MVS has technical collaboration with Proton OnSite (USA) for Proton Exchange Membrane type most advanced Hydrogen generators in the market. Proton OnSite is the market leader in this technology having sold in excess of 2500 systems worldwide. On the Indian sub-continent, MVS and Proton together have supplied over 30 systems.

MVS Engineering
MVS Engineering


Proton hydrogen generators, operating on Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology work on the principle of differential pressure. Hydrogen is produced at 15 kg/cm2g pressure or higher and Oxygen is typically below 2 kg/cm2g. This high differential pressure will not permit Oxygen to entrain the Hydrogen stream and thereby giving inherent safety. In the case of the Hydrogen leak, the onboard leak detectors will sense very low levels of Hydrogen and shut down the system in case of abnormality.

MVS bi-polar water electrolysis Hydrogen generators have advanced monitoring systems ensuring plant operational safety. The systems safely depressurize and shut down in the?case of abnormal operation.


Proton S-SeriesProton H-SeriesProton C-SeriesProton M-SeriesMVS Bipolar
0.265 to 1 nm3/hr2 to 6 nm3/hr10 to 30 nm3/hr50 to 400 nm3/hr5 to 300 nm3/hr (single train)
15 kg/cm2g15 kg/cm2g30 kg/cm2g15 or 30 kg/cm2g15 kg/cm2g
MVS Engineering
MVS Engineering


Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Generators are used in:

  • Power plants Generator cooling
  • Gas chromatography
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Meteorological (Weather) balloons filling
  • Metallurgical processing (annealing, brightening, sintering)
  • Hydrogenation of fats (food processing)
  • Leak detection in air conditioning industry
  • Chemicals processing
  • Refineries and Pilot plants
  • Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) for diamond industry
MVS Engineering
MVS Engineering

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