Carbon Molecular Sieves – Explained

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Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS) are used in PSA (pressure swing adsorption) Nitrogen gas generators. CMS also finds use in other separations like Hydrogen refinement from crude sources and also biogas refining.

However, in this blog, we specifically referring?to CMS for Nitrogen production. CMS operates?at a molecular level and under pressure separates?oxygen from nitrogen when fed atmospheric air. (Learn more about the PSA process in a descriptive video here)

Carbon Molecular Sieves have a porous nano-structure which is arrived at after processing activated carbon as the raw material. The nano-pores capture the Oxygen molecule in compressed air when the CMS is subjected to pressure. This allows the balance Nitrogen, which is unable to be adsorbed, to be delivered as the product gas. Once the pores have been saturated with Oxygen, the CMS is de-pressurized back to atmospheric pressure and this allows the adsorbed Oxygen molecules to be released out as the exhaust.

PSA process for Nitrogen production using CMS was invented by our Principal – CarboTech in the 1970s. MVS has been with CarboTech since the early 1980s and are the pioneers of PSA Nitrogen generators in India. Having supplied thousands of Nitrogen gas?plants using PSA technology with CarboTech CMS, we are one of the world leaders who understand this technology really well. Our customers derive the dual benefit of getting German CarboTech technology and lower cost manufacturing base of MVS from?India.

Even though PSA plants with CMS will give years and years of service, CMS does have?a limited life.?It is not uncommon for PSA plants to give 10-15 years of service without requiring CMS change.

MVS Engineering can supply Carbon Molecular Sieves for it?s own plants for replacement and also for Nitrogen gas plants supplied by?other companies. Please contact our sales staff and they will be happy to assist you.

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