Gas Generators for Heat Treatment

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1. Nitrogen Gas Generator for Hardening Furnaces

For hardening furnaces, MVS supplies 99.9% purity Nitrogen generator producing Nitrogen from Air. This gas is very Dry, (-) 60°C Dew Point. With this gas, little amount of Methanol is fed into Furnace which cracks to CO + H2. This gas mixture provides reducing atmosphere and has carbon potential of around 0.8.

Alternatively, our DX-Model Nitrogen generator is also used in hardening furnaces for carbon potential up to 1.1. With this gas, no Methanol is required. The gas composition is 2% Hydrogen, 1-PPM Oxygen, balance Nitrogen & Dew Point (-) 60°C. See details of DX-Model Nitrogen generator.

2. Exo- Gas Generator

Using Natural Gas or LPG fuel, Lean Exo-Gas or Rich Exo-Gas is produced.

  • Lean Exo-Gas is used for Heat Treatment of Non-ferrous metals.

Dew Point is (+) 5°C and it gives very bright annealing results.

  • Rich Exo-Gas is used for Heat Treatment of steel material.

Gas composition of Rich Exo gas is highly reducing with CO + H2 and this gas is used in Brazing Furnaces, Annealing Furnaces.

Such Rich Exo Gas generators are being used in Roller Hearth Furnaces for annealing of Carbon Steel Tubes.

3. High Purity Nitrogen Generator

Our model “DXNitrogen generator produces high purity Nitrogen gas with maximum 1-PPM Oxygen & 2 to 3% Hydrogen and Dew Point is (-) 60°C. These gas generators are being used in Bell Annealing Furnaces, Pit Furnaces and also in Roller Hearth Furnaces for Bright Annealing of Non-ferrous material as well as Carbon Steel material.

4. Ammonia Cracking Units 

Ammonia cracker produces Low cost Hydrogen. Cracked Ammonia is mixture of 25% Nitrogen, 75% Hydrogen by using Ammonia cylinders. These Gas generators are being used in Sintering Furnaces, continuous SS wire & tubes annealing furnaces and also in brazing furnaces. Dew Point of this gas is (-) 80°C which gives brightness to SS Wires, SS Strips, SS Tubes etc.

We also undertake supply of Custom Built Gas generators for specific Heat Treatment requirements. So share with us your process requirements and we will offer you most appropriate and economical solution.

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