India struggles to fight Food inflation – Nitrogen can rescue

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Deterioration of Fruits, Vegetable, and other staple foods happens because of enhanced speed of “aging”. Speed of aging of Fresh Agri produce is directly proportional to ambient temperature, and the presence of ‘oxygen’.

Reduce the ambient temperature and storage period increases. Reduce or eliminate ‘oxygen’ and the process of ripening (also equivalent to aging) slows down, which in other sense means the storage period is increased. And, if we do both temperature reduction and reduce / eliminate oxygen, we are doing what is called in the industry “Controlled atmosphere storage”, well known to produce superior results.

Oxygen cannot be removed from the ambient. It can however be displaced out by introduction of Nitrogen. The normal atmosphere contains nearly 20% oxygen, and 1 – 2%, easily, which has the potential to slow down quality deterioration process in fresh produce.

Reducing ambient temperature is a challenging and costly task.

There is a need for the Food technologists and scientists to research results if only “oxygen elimination / reduction” is done. Does it help to deliver fresh agriculture produce with less wastage.

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