Membrane Nitrogen Generator for Oil Tank Farm

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At Fujairah Port there is big tank farm storage facility of various crude and other oils. This facility has extensive network of oil transport piping directly from ships to Storage Tanks. The Oil Storage tanks as well as pipelines are kept under Nitrogen atmosphere & after every transfer the pipelines are pigged and purged.

This needs large quantity of Nitrogen at 7 ? 10-Bar pressure.

At Fujairah port, MVS has supplied 1340 Nm3/hr capacity Membrane Nitrogen generator.

This is a very compact size containerized unit. Membrane Technology is superior and economical to PSA Technology for lower Nitrogen purity production of 95 to 99.9%. Also by using compressed air directly at high pressure, Nitrogen in Membrane is produced at 12-Bar pressure & No Nitrogen Boosters needed.

This Gas plant is equipped with Kaeser ? Germany make Air cooled Screw compressors which are suitable for high ambient temperature conditions.

The complete Nitrogen plant is PLC controlled, Nitrogen purity is continuously monitored & Gas plant keeps switching ON & switching OFF as per customer?s Nitrogen demand.

No operator is needed. This Gas generator has been in operation for quite some time with highly satisfactory performance.

About Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Membrane Nitrogen Generators provide many benefits over other technologies such as low maintenance, very low cost of production.

About MVS Engineering Limited

MVS Engineering is a turnkey supplier of Gas generation equipment for Nitrogen, Oxygen and Hydrogengases. Additionally, we also manufacture Air, Gas, Liquid Dryers and also Gas Purification systems. MVS is the largest supplier of gaseous Nitrogen, Oxygen and Hydrogen plants in India. Besides India, MVS also regularly exports it’s equipment to the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and Europe.

MVS was founded in 1977 and has supplied over 7000 Skid mounted units worldwide. Read more about the company in the About Us section of our website.

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