On-site Hydrogen Helps Manufacturers Reach Strategic Goals for the Metals Processing Industry

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Our Principals for compact, safe and reliable On-Site Hydrogen Gas Generators – Proton OnSite have supplied Hydrogen Gas Generators to the metallurgical industry for over a decade. Recently, they have published an article looking at the use of Hydrogen in the metals processing industry and how Proton’s units have had wide-acclaimed success.

An excerpt of the article:

“High-temperature furnace-atmosphere processing is an important technology in fabricating metal parts. Whether the specific technique used is heat treating, brazing, annealing, sintering or hermetic sealing, high-temperature atmosphere processing enables manufacturers to provide the exact product characteristics required by their customers.

For atmosphere furnaces, it is generally not sufficient to use a nitrogen-only atmosphere for heat treating. While the use of nitrogen blanketing can reduce oxygen levels sufficiently to prevent undesirable reactions under many conditions, the high temperatures and open design of most heat-treat furnaces make it necessary to go beyond a simple nitrogen atmosphere. The use of hydrogen to act as an oxygen ?scrubber? has long been best practice for high-temperature metals processing.

HOGEN on-site hydrogen generators offer a convenient, reliable, cost-effective approach to providing small- to medium-sized hydrogen supplies with virtually zero hydrogen inventory. Because of hydrogen?s extremely wide flammability envelope, low initiation energy and absence of odor or other indication that the gas is present, important safeguards are required when storing and using hydrogen. By eliminating hydrogen storage, on-site, zero-inventory hydrogen generation eases the challenge of employing hydrogen in thermal processing.”

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Proton Onsite designs and manufactures Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrochemical systems to make hydrogen from water in a zero pollution process producing safe, pure, reliable onsite hydrogen to meet today?s global hydrogen requirements. Proton has been developing and manufacturing world-class electrolysis systems since 1996, with thousands of units deployed world-wide, on every continent. With a reputation for building robust, reliable, and safe systems, federal, state, and commercial partners repeatedly seek the creative solutions that Proton OnSite has proven it is capable of delivering. For more information,

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