Reliable supply and control over costs – Big drivers for onsite gas solutions

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Two big drivers of industrial gas users opting for on-site gas generation are – (1) Reliable gas supply & (2) control over costs of gas in their factory. Let us look at these a little deeper.

Reliable Gas Supply

Traditional gas supply sources for majority of industrial gas users is through individual cylinders or cascades of cylinders. Another source is to either get piped liquid supply or liquid delivered through cryogenic tankers. The latter of these delivery method – cryogenic supply of nitrogen or oxygen – makes up a very small percentage of customers. Majority of industrial gas users source their gas through cylinder supplies.

Due to typical logistical challenges in transportation, such users commonly find themselves at the mercy of merchants and transporters and most of the time, they don’t have any control over them. It is not unheard of for industrial gas users to either reduce their production or stop it entirely due to want of nitrogen or oxygen gas, which may be critical for their process.

To avoid such situations, opting for an on-site nitrogen, oxygen or hydrogen gas generator from MVS, the customer now gets a steady and reliably source of gas, on which they have complete control. With regular maintenance, as is the case with industrial machines, on-site gas generators give 10+ years of life quite regularly.

Cost Control

Customers purchasing gas from merchants, quite often are faced with having to negotiate the cost of gas with the merchant on a regular basis. Merchants, who are faced with many variables such as cost of electricity, cost of  diesel (for trucks delivering the gas), cost of manpower (for cylinder compression and handling) and are forced to pass on these price increases to the customer. 

The major cost of operating an on-site gas generator is the cost of electricity required for operating the air compressor. The cost of electricity, while volatile, is not nearly as volatile as other factors like diesel fuel etc. Hence, the customer now has good control over their cost of production with an on-site gas generator.

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