Tech Tool Video – Air Dryer Auto Drain Plunger Cleaning Procedure

Posted on: 15 Jan, 2018   |   With: 1 Comment
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In case you are experiencing excessive air loss in the air dryer, it is possible that the autodrain of the air dryer may be stuck.

The plunger of the auto-drain of the air dryer may get stuck from time to time due to particulate matter or dust. Due to the plunger getting stuck, air loss may be excessive, as the auto drain will continuously leak air.

It becomes necessary in this case to open the auto drain and clean it with compressed air. This video shows you step by step how to do this.


The auto-drain position of your air dryer may be in a different position. Please refer to the manual of the air dryer to locate the auto-drain first.

Tools required:

Screw Driver

Allen Key

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