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Here is some water cooler talk for you… literally 🙂

Heat exchangers are the heart of the air conditioning industry. #HeatExchangers are used in just about every refrigeration system like air conditioners, chillers and also the everyday water coolers that are seen everywhere in offices and other public spaces.

We have recently started up a compact #MembraneNitrogen plant at a leading manufacturer of these water coolers. The nitrogen plant is capable of producing nirogen volume similar to that held in 1-nitrogen tall cylinder.

Customer is using the nitrogen for pressure testing of their #brazed copper tubes in the heat exchanger. Pin hole leaks in the process can cause major issues in the heat exchanger later including loss of expensive refrigerant gas. Hence the manufacturers routinely put every single heat exchanger through a pressure test by pressurizing it with Nitrogen and checking it’s leak integrity.

Using large numbers of cylinders is not only an administrative headache for the purchase department, but also an expensive proposition if the customer’s process is located at a distance from the gas merchant.

Storing a large number of cylinders also puts many customers into the borderline of having to take storage permits from explosives authorities like PESO (in INDIA).

Customer who opt to produce their own nitrogen using MVS nitrogen generators save on recurring expense and also get inherent safety as the gas is produced and delivered at the point of use pressure or slight higher pressure than that.

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