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Posted on: 26 Apr, 2013   |   With: 19 Comments
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Unless the requirement for Nitrogen is very large (typically above 2,000 Nm3/hr), it is much more economical to produce your own Nitrogen using a captive Nitrogen plant (PSA or Membrane technology) than to get Nitrogen through a liquid supply contract or delivered Nitrogen cylinders.

We present a easy to decipher cost comparison below.

The cost of Nitrogen using various technologies as depicted above:

  • PSA Nitrogen Generators: Rs. 2 per Nm3
  • Membrane Nitrogen Generator: Rs. 2 per Nm3
  • Liquid Supply Contract: Rs. 12 per litre = Rs. 17 per Nm3
  • Nitrogen cylinders: Rs. 20 per Nm3 (around Rs. 140 per cylinder)

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